Ports de la Generalitat

Environmental Guidelines

At Ports de la Generalitat we have introduced an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System which includes all our activities carried out at ports and offices. The introduction of this system arose from our concern for the protection of the environment and in order to improve the quality of our services.

This is why we would like to ask for your collaboration so that we can all ensure that our ports are managed responsibly. The participation of all of us who use the facilities is vital to achieve these goals.

These guidelines can help suppliers and other interested parties perform more environmentally-friendly activities. Therefore, we are grateful for your collaboration and we encourage you to bear in mind the recommendations within these guidelines, as well as the requirements stated if they are applicable to you.

All modern-day companies should incorporate environmental protection criteria into business management, within a general Corporate Social Responsibility policy, and assume the relevant responsibility regarding the conservation and improvement of the environment.

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