Ports de la Generalitat


2024 Private-use taxes

At present, the private-use rates will remain the same as in 2023 (private-use rates have not increased since 2012). When these rates are updated, the corresponding announcement will be made.

Download private prices in pdf pdf.2024_Price

E1 Machinery

Use of cranes, and fork-lifts, and other similar machinery for handling goods.

Item Prices Unit
Crane < = 6 t 60,400 € per hour of use
Crane > 6 t 78,140 € per hour of use
Crane > 12 t 115,890 € per hour of use
Fork-lift 20,120 € per hour of use

E4 Hoisting, repair and maintenance services

Use of facilities for boat hoisting, repair or maintenance.

Item Prices Unit
Grounding ramp 7,090 € per metre and day
Hoisting or grounding trolleys 0,700 € m2 vessel per operation
Hoisting cranes 16,380 € per metre per operation
Hardstanding 21,860 € per hour
Fixed cranes (normal service) 21,240 € per operation
Fisex cranes < 1/2h 10,620 € per operation
Waste collection 1,670 € per metre per week or fraction
Water supply, electricity 0,400 € per metre per day
High pressure water machine rental 28,580 € per hour

E3 Supply

Water and electricity supplied by Ports de la Generalitat to users within the port area, upon previous request from users and for facilities needed for these services.

As per quantity of usage Major user of water Major user of electricity
Less than 2000 m3/year Less than 30.000 kW/year
Normal Fishing sector Normal Fishing sector Normal Fishing sector
Water 1,5 1,2 1,25 1,2
Electricity 1,5 1,2 1,25 1,2

E6 Economic activities

Any other port service provided directly by Ports de la Generalitat.

Economic activities Prices
Cleaning machine with personnel 40,59 € per hour
Cleaning machine without personnel 23,96 € per hour
Additional service berth with deadman 0,036€ per lenght x beam and day
Aditional service seasonal occupation 0,047 € per lenght x beam and day
Services provided cargo area Sant Carles fish market 134,32 € per behicle and year
Photographic reports 300,00 € per day
Advertising photographic reports 425,00 € per day
Filming 640,00 € per day
Advertising filming 725,00 € per day
Cinema reports. Films 850,00 € per day
Cinema reports. Short movies 640,00 € per day
Port access cards 9,84 € per unit
Access control comand 52,24 € per unit
Rent a container 350,00 € per month
Copy in black & white A4 DIN 0,05 € per unit
Copy in color A4 DIN 0,10 € per unit
Copy in black & white A3 DIN 0,07 € per unit
Copy in color A3 DIN 0,12 € per unit
Updated: January 11, 2024