Ports de la Generalitat

Quality control and environmental policy

Ports de la Generalitat quality and environmental policy

Ports de la Generalitat, by virtue of the provisions of articles 3, 17 and 75 of Law 10/2019, of December 23, on ports and transport in maritime and continental waters, has the function of guaranteeing the environmental protection of the Port public domain, with the aim of guaranteeing the environmental sustainability of the infrastructures and activities carried out, in a context of climate change.

Ports de la Generalitat acknowledges Quality Control and Environmental Protection as basic principles of its management policy.

Therefore, Ports de la Generalitat bases its Quality and Environmental Policy on the following points:

  • Guarantee compliance with legal and other requirements and apply them when planning actions.
  • Review these actions periodically and systematically to evaluate them and establish new specific and quantifiable objectives that lead to continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system.
  • Ensure the minimization of the environmental impact of the activity and the sustainability of the port system with the following lines of action:
    • Apply criteria of prevention, control and fight against pollution
    • Saving and sustainable use of resources
    • Protection of the environment
    • Reduction and recycling of waste
    • Environmental education
    • Promotion of environmental management systems
    • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change
    • Mitigació i adaptació al canvi climàtic
  • Establish mechanisms, through constant communication, to detect the needs and satisfaction of interested parties, in order to carry out the services in such a way that the agreed expectations are met and go beyond strictly complying with their requirements by identifying and anticipating new expectations.
  • Apply the principle of prevention from the planning and evaluation of decisions.
  • Apply the polluter pays Determine the appropriate preventive and protective measures and, in the event of negligence, the corresponding sanctions in accordance with current legislation.
  • Provide action procedures to users or user entities on environmental aspects and improvement of the quality of port services.
  • Periodically publish the program of actions and the results obtained, and establish a mechanism for participation and communication.
  • Inform this policy to all staff and motivate their commitment to achieve these objectives.
  • Promote the motivation and ongoing training of own staff or those who work on behalf of the organization, as well as users or entities to achieve the commitment to Quality and Environment.
  • Collaborate with different administrations, NGOs, public and private entities in the search for more global solutions to environmental problems.

Ports de la Generalitat encourages all staff to fulfil the stated principles in accordance with their responsibility and authority.

This policy shall be reviewed at least once a year in order to ensure its ongoing relevance to future needs and the mission of the organisation, being used as a basis for setting new goals.

Approved by the Executive Committee of Ports de la Generalitat on 16thJuly 2020.