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Law 2/2023, of 16 March, on the Government of Catalonia’s budget for 2023 has been approved and published in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia no. 8877 of 17.03.2023, and came into force on 18.03.2023.

Ports de la Generalitat, as a public-sector company attached to the Ministry of Territory, forms part of the Government of Catalonia’s public sector, which is subject to its budget law.

According to Article 43 of Law 2/2023, concerning the updating of fees, the Catalan Government’s fixed-charge fees will be increased, for 2023, to the amount obtained by applying the coefficient 1.03 to the amount for 2022. In compliance with this precept, the update is applied to all of the Government of Catalonia’s fees, including port fees.

Consequently, the port fees that bear fixed charges, as provided in Law 10/2019, of 23 December, on ports and transport in ocean waters and inland waterways, partly amended by Article 14 of Law 3/2023, of 16 March, on tax, financial, administrative and public-sector measures for 2023, are updated to the amount obtained by applying the coefficient 1.03 approved by the budget law.

The updated port fees are those published in the ports.gencat.cat website and will soon be published in the Official Journal of the Government of Catalonia, for information purposes. Annex 1, attached, details the fees that will be charged in 2023.

With the enactment of the budget law, the port fees will be settled, in the case of the corresponding licenses that are currently in force, taking into account the update established in the above-stated Law.

2023 Taxes

Download taxes in .pdf format: pdf  2023 Taxes

For any questions you can go to the email generalitat.ports@gencat.cat

Port taxes for private use of the port’s public domain


TO1 Tax for private use of public port domain

Port activity m2/year Land Water Works and installations
Comercial/Industrial/Logistics/Nautical and recreational/Complete Marina under concession 14.0851 0.5117 32.8721
Fishing 9.3901 0.3411 21.9148
Atypical 23.4752 0.8528 54.7869

TO2 Goods storage tax

Quantiflying mechanism  mand day Days Amount Days Amount
Area Traffic area Storage area
Uncovered area 1 to 3 0.00000 1 to 3 0.00000
4 to 10 0.02575 4 to 10 0.01339
11 to 17 0.05150 11 to 17 0.02575
18 a 30 0.077255 18 to 30 0.03914
>30 0.13000 >30 0.05150
Covered area 1 to 3 0.05150 1 to 3 0.01545
4 to 10 0.07725 4 to 10 0.02575
11 to 17 0.10300 11 to 17 0.05150
18 to 30 0.15450 18 to 30 0.07725
>30 0.20600 >30 0.10300

TO3 Tax for occupation of the port’s public domain with movable property

Amount per m2 Day Month Year

Depositing of objects and materials used for goods handling, vessel supply or provisionong,

embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, luggage anv vehicles

0.1442 3.8522 42.4463

Depositing of building materials, fences, supports, trestles, scaffolding and other similar


0.1751 4.8410 52.7669
Depositing of fishing tackle 0.1236 3.4402 37.5538

Depositing of vending  machines and occupation of the port’s public domain with chairs, tables, stands

podiums and other similar movable property 

0.3296 8.9507 97.6234
Depositing of objects and materials used in performing any other service or activity 0.1545 4.3157 47.1122

TO4 Tax for vessels in the boatyard area

Type of vessel Value of mand day
Day 1 From 2 to 7 from 8 to 30 >30
Fishing vessels 0.1957 0.1263 0.0815 0.0525
Other vessels 0.5831 0.3762 0.2427 0.1566


Port taxes for special use of the port’s public domain

TA1  Tax for vessel entry and stay

0.52 € 100 GT/hour

TA2 Tal for vessel berthing

0.072 € m/hour

TA3M Tax for goods loading, unloading, transfer anf traffic

Goods Group Price per ton
1 0.74
2 0.93
3 1.42
4 2.09
5 3.23


Other Price 20 feet TEU
Packages, packaging, material, containers, tanks or other items, embarked, disembarked 3.09
Lorries, trailers, tractors units and semi-trailers, embarked or disembarked 3.09

TA3P Tax for passenger embarking, disembarking and transit under passenger regime

DIRECT VALUATION: Per passenger /vehicle EU NON EU
Ordinary vessels
A) Passenger:
a) Cruise passenger, embarking or disembarking 3.29 4.11
b) Cruise passenger in transit 2.63 3.29
c) Passenger under transport regime 1.97 2.46
B) Vehicle:
a) Motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles or trailers 1.79 2.25
b) Passenger cars and other motor vehicles 7.17 8.96
c) Coaches and other collective transport vehicles 28.68 35.84
d) Others mechanically propelled vehicles 12.55 15.69
Local tourism vessels
A) Passenger 0.053
B) Vehicle:
a) Motorcycle 1.34
b) Automobile 5.38


Average number of passengers per day and per 365 days 0.041

TA4 Tax for fresh fish

Tax  for the entry, stay and berthing of vessels below the value limit 0f €18,000/year 824.00

TA5 Tax nautical or recreational boats

Infrastructures managed directly by Ports de la Generalitat

Amount m2 and day Deadman Anchorage Boat anchorage Side on End on Dry
Base boat 0.171 0.109 0.450 0.197 0.109
Boat in transit 0.438 0.350 0.788 0.613 0.876


Additional services (amount per m2 and day)
Water 0.024
Electricity 0.037
Water and electricity 0.061
Deadman 0.061
Season-only facilities 0.049


Port infrastructures under concessions or authorisation regime


DIRECT VALUATION: Amount per surface area of public domain used and per number

of days of use

Base boat 0.041
Boat in transit 0.063


Amount per metres of berthing available and per 365 days 0.021

TA6 Tax for vehicle parking

Direct estimate Approximate estimate
Vehicle type Per minute Maximum per day Month Year
Motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles or trailers 0.010 2.08 34.79 379.60
Passenger cars and other motos vehicles 0.021 8.32 139.18 1,518.37
Coaches and other collective transport vehicles 0.041 32.279 554.192 6,073.50
Other mechanically propelled vehicles 0.031 14.55 243.58 2,656.53


Port taxes for rendering services or performing administrative activities

TP1 Tax for using the weigher

Type of heavy object per weigh Amount
Weighing with goods that are exiting or entering the port 4.01
Weighing with goods unrelated to the port facility 4.20
Other objects 4.31

TP2 Port security tax

Per passenger Amount
Under tourist cruise regime 0.69


Tax for the obligatory vessel waste collection service provided by the port

TRG Waste tax

Type of vessel Amount
Base vessel, per month 129.14
Vessel in transit, per call 129.14


Updated: April 18th, 2023