Ports de la Generalitat

Legal framework

Marc Jurídic de Ports de la Generalitat

Port regulations

Law 10/2019, Dated 23rd December, of ports and transport in continental sea waters
DOGC nº 8032, dated 30th December 2019
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Entry into force on March 30, 2020, except title V of the segond book, on the financial economic regime of the port system that enters into force on January 1, 2020.

Law 5/1998,  Dated 17th April
on Ports of Catalonia.
DOGC nº 2632, dated 5th May 1998 (pg. 5692) and BOE nº 127, dated 28th May 1998 (pg. 17627).
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PARTIALLY MODIFIED pursuant to Article 53 of the Law 26/2009, dated 23rd December, on Tax, Financial and Administrative Measures.
DOGC nº 5537, dated 31.12.2009 (pg. 97707)
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PARTIALLY MODIFIED pursuant to Articles 135 to 150 of the Law 10/2011, dated 29th December, on the Simplification and Improvement of Regulatory Codes
DOGC nº 6035, dated 30.12.2011 (pg. 66528)
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GOVERNMENT AGREEMENT  175/2015, of 10 November, which stipulates the number of members of the Executive Committee of Ports de la Generalitat.
DOGC nº 6996, dated 12.11.2015
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Decree 258/2003,  Dated 21st October
approving the Regulations for Developing the Law 5/1998, dated 17thApril, on Ports of Catalonia.
DOGC nº 3999, dated 30.10.2003.
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Decree 206/2001, Dated 24th July
approving the Harbour Police Force Code
DOGC nº 3443, dated 01.08.2001 (pg. 12182)
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Decree 273/1998, Dated 21st October
on the Composition and Appointment of the Governing Bodies of Ports de la Generalitat.
DOGC nº 2752, dated 27.10.1998 (pg. 13280)
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Decree 17/2005, Dated 8th February
approving Regulations for Inland Marinas in Catalonia.
DOGC nº 4320, dated 10.02.2005 (pg. 2716)
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Legislative Decree 2/2010,  Dated 3rdAugust
approving the Article on Taxes Applied by Ports de la Generalitat
DOGC nº 5686, dated 05.08.2010 (pg. 61419)
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PARTIALLY MODIFIED pursuant to Articles 35 to 39 of the Law 7/2011, dated 27th July, on Tax and Financial Measures.
DOGC nº 5931, dated 29.07.2011 (pg. 42672)
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PARTIALLY MODIFIED pursuant to Article 118 of the Law 2/2014, dated 27th January, on Tax, Financial, Administratives and the Public sector Measures.
DOGC nº 6551, dated 30.01.2014 (pg. 89/186)
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Annex 1 of the Law 5/1998, Dated 17thApril
regulating Fees for Port-based Services provided by Ports de la Generalitat, appended by Law 4/2000, dated 26th May, on Tax and Administrative Measures.
DOGC nº 3149, dated 29.05.2000 (pg. 6830)
REPEALED pursuant to the derogatory provision of DL2/2010, dated 3rdAugust, thereby approving the Articles on Taxes Applied by Ports de la Generalitat, except sections 1.6 to 1.10.

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Article 140 of the new Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia
approved by Organic Law 6/2006, dated 19th July, on the Reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, in relation with Article 149.1.20 of the 1978 Spanish Constitution, pursuant to which the Generalitat of Catalonia assumes the exclusive competence of ports, except those of general interest.
DOGC 4680, dated 20.07.2006 (pg. 31875) and BOE 172, dated 20.07.2006 (pg. 27269).

Royal Decree 2876/1980, dated 12thDecember
on the Transfer of Port Functions and Services from the Spanish Central Government to the Generalitat of Catalonia.
DOGC 108, dated 21.01.1981 (pg. 38) and BOE 10, dated 12.01.1981 (pg. 613).

Updated: January 9th, 2020

Other regulations

Law 19/2014, dated 29th December
on transparency, access to information and good governance.
DOGC 6780, dated 31.12.2014

Law 14/2014, dated 24th July
on Maritime Navigation.
BOE 180, dated 25.07.2014

Legislative Decree 2/2002, dated 24thDecember
approving the consolidated text of the Law 4/1985, dated 29th March, on the Statute of Catalan Public Sector Companies.
DOGC 3791A, dated 31.12.2002

Law 26/2010, dated 3rd August
on the Legal Status and Procedures of Public Administrations in Catalonia.
DOGC nº 5686, dated 05.08.2010 (pg. 61261)

Law 30/1992, dated 26th November
on the Legal Status of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedures, modified by Law 4/1999, dated 13thJanuary.
DOGC nº 285, dated 27.11.1992 (pg. 40300)

Decree 278/1993, dated 9th November
on Disciplinary Proceedings applicable to the Areas of Competency of the Generalitat.
DOGC nº 1827, dated 29.11.1993 (pg. 7888)

Legislative Decree 1/2010, dated 3rdAugust
approving the consolidated text of the Law on Town Planning.
DOGC nº 5686, dated 05.08.2010

Law 22/2002, dated 12th July
on Fishermen’s Guilds
DOGC nº 3684, dated 24.07.2002

Law 22/1998, dated 28th July
on coastal, which has been partially modified.
BOE nº 181, dated 29.07.1998 (pg. 23386)

Royal Decree 1471/1989, dated 1stDecember
approving General Regulations for the Development and Execution of the Coastal Law 22/1988, dated 28th July.
BOE nº 297, dated 12.12.1989 (pg. 38459)

Royal Decree 2/2011, dated 5thSeptember
approving the consolidated text of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Marine.
BOE nº 253, dated 20.11.2011

Law 9/2017, dated 8th November
on the Public Sector Contracts.
BOE nº 272, dated 9.11.2017

Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004, dated 5th March
approving the consolidated text of the Law on Local Tax Offices.
BOE nº 59, dated 9.03.2004

Law 3/2018, dated 5st December
on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights
BOE nº 294, dated 6.12.2018

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Europen Parlament and the Council, dated 27th April 2016
on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) ( DOUE 4.5.2016)

Updated: April 1st, 2020